Daandazi Salukis

2017 with Lizzie and Poppy.

Daxlore Dazijane at Daandazi 2002/2013

We started by falling in love with a rescue Saluki owned by a friend of ours. Tess was a gold so my heart was set on a gold Saluki. We bought our first Saluki in 2002 from Helen Graham of Daxlore Salukis. She was born July 15th 2002. Her name was Daxlore Dazijane at Daandazi. (Dazi) She was from a litter of 6 puppies, 5 bitches and 1 dog. The sire was Aziz Pahlavan at Daxlore and Dam was Daxlore Faire. She was  a gold bitch with spotty feet. She was bought as a pet with no intention of showing her.

She had  qualified for Crufts 8 times, not a prolific winner, she had managed a Crufts placing in the Good Citizen class 2012, 2011, 2010 ,2009, 2008 and 2007. She qualified for Crufts 2014 at Manchester Dog Show in January winning  3rd in Veteran Bitch. She was not shown again, Manchester 2013 was her last show.

 Dazi was happier running , especially enjoying lure coursing and racing on greyhound tracks.She preferred those activities to being in the show ring. She was content always to be with her owners, preferably occupying the corner seat of the settee where she had an excellent view of anyone coming along our lane, she liked to know where we were at all times, coming to check what we were doing at regular intervals. She died on September 12th 2013 aged 11 years. Good bye to my constant companion, she has left a hole in our life.

 Our second Saluki is a litter mate of Dazi, she had gone to another home where she was not exactly the 'designer puppy' they wanted. She was offered on the internet ,before being reclaimed by Helen Graham. She was offered to us and we took a traumatised pup into our hearts. She was Irish Champion Daxlore Daisimae ShCM (Tia) she was a red and white particolour. Although not intended by us as a show dog, we were persuaded to take her to the Northern Saluki Champ Show under the great Saluki judge Don Weiden. Although we didn't even have a show collar or lead, she won Post Graduate. WE were hooked. She has won 61 Best of Breeds at Open Shows and 7 green stars in Ireland.  She was one of the first Salukis to be awarded a Show Certificate of Merit.Tia died 1st February 2016 aged 13 years and 6 months, RIP beautiful one.

Two 2 salukis are never enough, in 2007 Daxlore Daania at Daandazi ShCM (Daani) arrived. She is from a litter sired by Daxlore Mirasma, her dam was Daxlore Erada, both of Fernlark. She is a cream bitch. She is a character, is very friendly and is unable to realise that she is a saluki and is supposed to be aloof.  She has her Show Certificate of Merit gained at Open Shows. She also has her Good Citizen Award. She won  Post Graduate at Crufts.in 2010. She was Best Bitch at SKC in August 2011. She won Best Gazelle Type at SGHC in October 2011. She was awarded 1st in limit at Blackpool Show 2013 so now has her Stud Book number. 

Oh Dear not happy in a crate at a dog show. Working out if it is possible to jump out.

Daxlore Daania Sh CM

Irish Champion Fernlark Nardini at Daandazi  JW  ShCM  Ir JC RCC

Her pet name is Poppy, she was born 12th April 2009. Her sire is Kirman Bashaar at Fernlark, her dam is Fernlark Cointreau at Dawnchase. She has had a successful show carrier gaining her JW and Sh CM and Irish Junior Champion, before she was 18 months old.  She has 97 BOB's gained at Open Shows, 7 Green Stars from Irish Shows and 1 Reserve Challenge Certificate. She has  Best Bitch awards from  Champ Shows where no CC's were on offer. She has a Best in Show trophy and rosette, gained at Metro Dogs show. She has won several groups at Open Shows.
She passed her Bronze Good Citizen after 3 lessons, then went on to gain her Silver Level Good Citizen Award.

Poppy won Best Pedigree Dog at Metrodogs February  2015 Judge Sam Anderson`Rowell

Poppy winning Best in Show at Metrodogs. Judge Sam Anderson`Rowell.

Dafni winning Cacib in Italy

Shown here with her handler Luke Johnston.

We also co own Kirman Dafnia at Fernlark 2RCCs and Best Bitch at Belfast Dog Show 2013

Dazijane lure coursing

Daxlore Daani and Daxlore Dazijane running at Cambois

Fernlark Nardini

Dafni in the Puppy Group at the Houndshow 2011

Fernlark Snow Grouse at Daandazi JW ShCM  Lizzie

Fernlark Snow Grouse at Daandazi was born on July 16th 2013. Her sire is Champion Jorjenjo Mirzam of Fernlark JW her dam is Fernlark Fleurie at Dawnchase. She has had a successful showing career winning 51 Bob's at Open Show level. She gained her Show Certificate of Merit  at 15 months. She gained her final points for her Stud number and Junior Warrant at Manchester show 2015.She gained her 1st CC at SKC in May 2016 judge Michael Williams.

Lizzie winning Best in Match at Consett Canine Match night. 2014.

Lizzie went BOB at Whitehaven dog show after a very very long wait, under judge Anne Defaye, she gained her 18th BOB. Judge said,'Very Pretty pale fawn bitch. Good head with long neck, good ear set and lovely expression. Moved very well to beat her' kennel mate' this time.

Lizzie won Best in Match at Consett Canine club , Daani was best Veteran. We came home with £20 in prize money. Judge was Paul 

Lizzie won her 21st BOB and Hound Group 3 at Consett Canine Society Show on April 11th 2015  judge Fran Kaye (Danfrebek) She said, Fernalrk Snow grouse at Daandazi JW Sh CM . Elegant bitch of instant appeal, nice length of head nothing out of place. Calm expression, sufficient stop, clean well set ears, neck good muscle tone over shoulders, firm loin of good length, moved out in even light strides.

Bartlett Show  judge Ray Morland, Lizzie won Graduate he said" good for size and overall shape and outline, in excellent condition, moved well considering the size of the ring.'

Lizzie gained her final points for her Junior Warrant at Manchester Dog Show winning Post Graduate bitch  WOOPPPEEEE 15/1/15

Hard work to gain this 22points from open shows and 3 from Champ show. Wonder how many JW's are won like that????

Lizzie won Bob and Hound Group 1 at Gateshead Metropolitan Dog Show, judge Colin Wells. March 1st 2015 He said, at 18 months a very well balanced bitch, correct head, elegant well muscled neck leading to well laid shoulders. Nicely sprung ribcage, strong topline with a slight arch over the loin. Good hindquarters and low set tail of correct length. Smooth movement with drive."

Saltburn Show March 22nd 2015. 4 1sts with Lizzie winning Graduate and BOB, Daani winning open and veteran, Poppy winning AVOpen. Judge Mr I Halbert (Marimay) Her 19th BOB

Lizzie won her 20th BOB at Tweedmouth Show.

At Newton Aycliffe show in April  Lizzie won Graduate and Reserve Best of Breed, went on to win the Reserve BOB group, then was Reserve Best in show runner up. She won a Ceramic egg pill box. So a good day.

Fernlark Snow Grouse at Daandazi

The Fernlark Breeders' Teams.

The Fernlark Breeders' Team gained 111points in 2014 gaining 2nd place overall.

Roo, ?, Ted and Poppy at LKA 2014

The Fernlark original team, Poppy, Jasper, Miyaz and Fran at Hound Association of Scotland.

The team being awarded Champagne for gaining 50 points Roo, Tia, Poppy and Lizzie.

Team at Northern Saluki Club Poppy, Jasper and Roo

Driffield 2014. Roo, Jasper, Poppy and Lizzie

The Fernlark Team at Crufts, Roo, Ted, Daquari and Poppy.

Team Fernlark Roo, Jasper, Poppy and Tia

Advert in Crufts Special from Our Dogs

Lizzie won Special Beginner's Bitch and was 4th in Graduate bitch at Northern Saluki Club 2015. She also won the Junior Points trophy for 2014. Judge said, Cream with slight lemon shadings. Pretty and feminine bitch with nice flat skull. Beautiful well developed body, typical upper and underline, excellent tuckup, typical and balanced angulations, light , fluent action .

Lizzie was BOB and Hound Group 2 at Eston and Barnaby Limit Show

Fernlark team, Roo, Lizzie, Daquari and Tia

Poppy won the Champion Class at the Saluki Club of Ireland Inaugural Show. Lizzie and Daani won best Brace.

Lizzie won her 22nd BOB at Northumberland County Show on May 25th 2015 Judge Ian Layfield said, 22m o b. Liked her head and expression. Good front, balanced and moved well BOB

Poppy 6 y o b Liked her head, Nice depth and pleasing outline. Did not move well.

Lizzie won her 23rd Best of Breed at South West Durham Show. She went group 3 in the Hound Group. Judge said, "Bitch, full of Qualitywith super long head and strong  neck, good shoulders, ribs going well back, strong in loin, shown in good condition, flowed round the ring. BOB
Poppy 1st in open, straight front, good head and well placed ears, plenty of fringing go good length, good neck and shoulders, deep chest and well muscled quarters, moved ok. 'Beth Finlayson'

Poppy and Lizzie  were both 2nd at SKC, Lizzie in PG and Poppy in Open.

The dogs entered for Inaugural Show for Saluki Club of Ireland.


Lizzie won her 24th BOB and hound Group 3 at Lanchester show , judge Hazel Chance. Photo to follow

Poppy won 76th BOB at Sunderland Canine Show. Judge Joanna betts said,' Lizzie, Feminine bitch with good head and well furnished ears. Long neck into well laid shoulders, well shaped ribs, deep brisket. Moved soundly. 

Poppy BOB Lovely bitch of good substance, well shaped head with dark oval eyes. Excellent front assembly, strong pasterns and strong feet, Good width of body, nice deep long brisket, used muscular rear end well on the move.'

Poppy wo her 70th BOB at AShington Dog Show, Judge Lorraine Bolton and her 71st at Durham Canine Society Show. 

Lizzie was Best Opposite Sex at Tyne Wear and Tees Hound Show . 


Poppy wom her 71st BOB at Durham show and her 72nd at Harrogate. Judge Lisa Tyler-Jackson said, 'Red, very type mature bitch, lovely head and good front with well laid shoulder, not too narrow. Good depth and tuch up, nice rear, moved well all round. Could lose a few pounds which affected her toppling when stacked.'

Harrogate Show 2015

Judge Jan Beckett said of Poppy, 'Lovely red bitch with a lot to like about her. Strong bone with correct feet, good depth of chest and well muscled, but not overdone.Hocks well let down, moved correctly coming and going and in super condition. BOB'

Lizzie was shown Yesterday by Rachel Cumberland. she won first place for KC Handling and 2nd place in Junior Handling. This was at Durham County Show. Judge said, 'This class was extremely hard to judge, every single handler knew exactly what they were doing. This young handler had a certain type of Parkle and bond with her dog was feeling the same. She made sure the dog was moving at the correct pace. She was aware of me at all times, making sure I could see the dog at all times. She is definitely a handler to watch for the future.' Michaella Donaldson.

Lizzie won her 25th BOB at Ceveland Show, she won Graduate BAV graduate and Hound Group 2. Not sure about the judges as confusion reigned over judge changes.

At SKC on August 30th Lizzie won Post Graduate and Poppy was 4th in Open Dog or Bitch. The 3 dogs were placed ahead of her. Must remember never to enter DOG/Bitch classes. BB RBB and RBD  were not awarded only BOB. Judge was Maggie Holder. She said, 'Cream bitch of 2 years of lovely type with beautiful head and expression, long muzzle and well set ears, good neck, and scoring in forehand construction over second, having correct width all through. I liked her toppling and underline and dpth of chest, moderately angulated, sound and positive on the move, moved well just needs time."

Pudey and Borders Counties Shows at Pateley Bridge Nidderdale, August 16th 2015. Poppy 73rd BOB under judge Christine Russell and Lizzie 26th BOB under judge Dave Lever. Not judged on the Group System, didn't wait for the endless judging which ensues when no groups. Lizzie very naughty as grass was long and she danced rather than ran around the ring. David Lever said,'Quality cream bitch with typical nice dark eyes. Typical saluki head atop a good neck. Nice out line with good shoulder. Nice spring of rib and good pasterns.'

Lizzie gained her 27th BOB and Hound Group 3 at Stanhope Agricultural Show. Judge A Woods (Marada)

Hartlepool Oct 2015. Lizzie BOB and Hound group 3, her 29th BOB, not sure who judge was as there were changes of judge at last minute.

Lizzie 30th BOB at Chester-le-Street show judge Mr T Sidgewick. She was also Gp 2 Pleased with that. Judge said, 'A 2 year old bitch with a feminine head of good length with moderate width between her well placed ears, her large dark eyes rim give her a soft expression. Her head is carried on a neck of good length which is set into well set shoulders, her forlegs are straight and she has a good depth of brisket with moderate spring of rib. She has a level toppling with adequate length of loin. moderate angulation to her rear end with hocks well let down and low set tail reaching her hocks. Her movement was balanced, effortless and energy efficient with moderate reach and exyenetion. BOB and later grp2."

Lizzie won her 31st BOB at Houghton le Spring show , judge MarK Walshaw. 5/5 in group , so disappointed.

Wolsingham Show 2015, lovely day Poppy gained her 74th BOB. Earler in the week we received a rosette for Lizzie's Lure coursing. She was 1st in her class, Poppy was 2nd in hers.

Lizzie BOB and Hound group 2 at Birtley, her 28th BOB. judge was Joy Cunningham (Elvandar) Daani Best Hound Veteran.Judge said , ' Elegant, beautiful head, beautifulness, floating movement." She was sad Daani didn't wait for Best Veteran. Whoops.

Poppy gained her 75th BOB at Northallerton Show. Judge Fiona Findlay. November15th 2015 Judge Fiona Findlaysaid, G 1.Fernlark Snow Grouse at Daandazi, nice head and expression, strong neck into good shoulders, leveltopline, well enough off for bone, stifle well bent, muscles well defined, handled well. O 2,1 Ir Ch Fernlark nardini at Daandazi, appealing expression, good head proportions, shoulders well placed, good bone , preferred overall balance and movement of this bitch today. BOB

Poppy won her 77th BOB at Newton Aycliffe show and Lizzie went RBOB in December 2015


Poppy gained her 78th BOB at North and South Shields under judge D Cook. Lizzie was 1st in Graduate. Judge said, Lizzie was 'Cream bitch with long head, strong undertow, dark eyes, far lay of shoulder, a shade straight in upper arm. Good toppling with slight rise. Well angled rear, moved sound but would like more front extension.'

Poppy 'Red bitch with good outline and underline, hare feet, good depth to elbow, balanced angles fore and aft, a shade short in the neck. Moved out well BOB'

Poppy won her 79th Bob at The Northern Dog Show, judge Mr Curry Ladore. Lizzie 1t in Graduate. Nothing in the group. Seem somehow to have AVNSV rosette, mistake show have been 1st Open Class. Judge said, Lizzie. Long narrow head, gentle expression, straight front, well bodied. Well angulated . Sound.'

Poppy, Mature bitch with a balanced head and expression. Good reach of neck, well laid shoulders, deep brisket. Well angulated and in good muscular condition, moved out well. BOB Alan Curry.

Poppy won her 80th Best of Breed at Darlington Open show under judge Evan Ryan (Cavalli) on Februsry 6th 2016. Removed her from the group as the ring was crowded and was very small. She was getting very stressed, Not worth having a rosette and an upset dog.

Judge said, Lizzie, Just over 2 years and looking cracking, built on good lines. Long skull narrowing correctly,slight stop and dark nose. Beautiful earnest with silky feathering. Reasonable long neck set into shoulders, well sloped slight v front and just enough bone. Good legs and feet, moved well with style and effortless gait.

Poppy. Another gorgeous one, coming up 7 year old bitch, so typical gorgeous headpiece set on a strong neck of good length, well laid shoulders and good ribbing, such muscle all through. Correct toppling and tailset, strong hindquarters, wide hip bones, tidy hocks, moved with light gait, nice power driving away and towards. Lovely moving in profile. "Evan L Ryan"

Lizzie won her 32nd BOB at Jarrow and Hebburn show on Valentine's day 2016 under judge Mr J Cowie (Benroy). Nothing in the group although she showed very well. Daani won the open class.

Lizzie gained her 33rd BOB at Cleveland Dog show under judge Revell and Group 4 under Judge Salt. Daani was best Hound Veteran but winner was the same Terveren who always wins the Veteran group. Taking part that matters. Judge Richard Revell said of Lizzie,'Really nice shaped head, good length of neck, good toppling, moved around the ring with ease." BOB

Lizzie won 33rd BOB and group 4 at Cleveland Show. 2016 Judge Revell and Salt.

Lizzie gained her 35th BOB under judge Mark Ord.

Lizzie gained her 34th BOB at Billingham Synthonia on February 28th, Judge Jen Davies. She said, 'Beautiful head and eye, in super coat, showing a balanced outline. Good front and depth of chest. Well muscled quarters which she showe on the move, just coming into her own. BOB' Poppy. 'Nice bitch. Pleasing had and eye, good ear fringing and outline, in good condition. Moved out well, just seems a little bored on the day.'


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